My name is Wesley Ripley and I am a Computer Science major at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). My interests cover pretty much all areas of the computer science field, while I am much more experienced in some areas. I am really into software engineering and designing software. I like to develop software that not only works but is also well designed, easily extendable, flexible, and maintainable. One thing I really don't like is duplicate code. My other specific interest is better explained using examples as I have not figured out what to call it yet. Some examples include applications used to generate other applications, writing programming languages inside other programming languages, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid other AI, and using AI to improve or generate algorithms or software.

This site is currently both temporary and incomplete. I am working on developing the future version of this site over at I am coding the new version from scratch and trying my hand at some web development (which I am fairly new to). I will also be updating content on this site to make it more complete and to have content that will go up on the new site.

Check out my Blog for updates on the new site and other general things going on with me. Check out the Projects page to see what I am working on a
nd the Experience page for an extended prettier version of my resume and past experiences. All these pages are a work in progress so if there is something missing I apologize and you should check back later.

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  • New Site Under Construction! The new, actual version of this site is now, finally, under construction! I am now the proud co-owner and administrator of a linode server which I am using to ...
    Posted Mar 16, 2012, 1:18 PM by Wesley Ripley
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